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LIGA FIREWALL Z.H 20/21 de eGames VR


Hello Contractors,

I’m happy to announce  that we are ready to kick off  the third Season of the  Firewall Spanish league 20/21.

It will be a tough competition with really good teams all around the world and an amazing opportunity to show what your are capable of while learning  from the enemy but most importantly to have fun!

The Season will last 3 months with all matches to be played every  Saturday at 22.00  GMT+1 

EGAMESVR will be streaming all matches live with comments and Statistics 

This league format will be 8 matches  the first team that gets 5, wins. ( All 8 matches need to be played regardless)

the winner gets 3 points.

If it’s a tie each team gets 2 points 


Registrations are open follow the link  to get your spot!